Getting a good experience from social gaming

Is social gaming good?
It’s a question that has been asked countless times by worried parents, inquisitive scientists, curious commentators and even a politician here and there. Yet, it seems to be a question that is rarely put to those who might know, gamers.

We’re constantly asking our community what makes their Avakin Life experience so rewarding. We love hearing examples of creative expression, community and imagination all coming together to create a uniquely rewarding adventure. We also benefit greatly from hearing about how we can improve their social gaming world to create an even better experience.

But how about everyone else?
We asked over 2000 people (1000 gamers and 1000 non-gamers) about their thoughts on social, mobile and video gaming. Over half (51%) of the people surveyed said social gaming fuels people’s imagination and creativity, with the same number (51%) believing it’s because social gaming strengthens cognitive skills such as memory or reasoning. Interestingly, more non-gamers (60%) believe that compared with gamers (49%).

Taking this a step further, two-thirds of people (66%) also said they believe that social gaming can teach you skills for the future. Problem-solving skills (63%) came out on top, followed by hand-eye coordination (62%), strategic planning (54%), patience (46%) and attention to detail (46%).

All encouraging and good to see. Yet despite these positive notes, less than half the non-gamers felt that social gaming was a force for good whereas over 60% of gamers believed social gaming to be a positive part of their lives.

So how do you engage in social gaming for good?
Well, the beauty of good social games is that they allow players to create the experience they want.

Whether it’s spending time with a community online or looking for a momentary escape from reality and immersing creativity, having a purpose to your social gaming can enhance the experience. Discovery is a big part of social gaming for good. Uncovering ideas, inspiration and friendship can all nurture a rewarding social gaming moment.

Ultimately each individual determines their own social gaming journey. It’s the responsibility of publishers like us to provide safe, engaging and welcoming environments that enhance the greatest elements of social gaming for good and provide the best experience possible.
Is social gaming good? Yes, and it’s in your hands to make it that way.