At Lockwood, our vision is to bring people together through Avakin Life so they can play, share and socialise! Listed as one of Europe’s fastest growing tech companies by the FT for 2020 as well as winning numerous TIGA and other awards several years in a row, our journey’s only just begun. With great benefits including an employee share scheme and profit related quarterly bonus, we’re a great destination for those who want to work on cutting edge social experiences in an environment that fosters communication and creativity. We’re always looking for good people – so if you’re a great person and an amazing developer we’d love to hear from you.

We are looking for an individual eager to provide support for our Development and Production Teams by ensuring all changes submitted to the game are functional and to the expected quality level. Help ensure exciting, functional content is delivered to an engaged, player base. Other responsibilities for the role will include maintaining terminology databases/glossaries for game content. Creating Checklists & Test-Cases as well as driving qualities with in-depth understanding of software design, implementation and integration.

Key Responsibilities

  • Working with game team Software Engineers, Artists and Production team to eliminate issues before change lists integration and to validate that features have reached the targeted quality levels;
  • Compile trackers and reports for regression, checklists and coverage;
  • Proactively pick up testing requests from the development, art and management teams;
  • Create in-depth action plans and summaries for testing requests from the development, art and management teams;
  • Analyze the information provided by the development, art and management teams and be able to identify risk areas;
  • Find and enter high-quality issues based on department standards and perform edge case scenario tests to ensure fixes have no knock-on effects;
  • Verify pre-integration change lists for issue fixing, feature changes or tuning;
  • Responsible for a some specific areas of the game which includes:
    • Act as first point of contact about the current state of the game area
    • Test-Plan creation;
    • Test-Case creation;
    • Initiate conversations with development, art and management team members involved in in the specific area of the game;
    • Interface with other in-house QA, the Outsourced QA Team & development, art and management team members involved in the specific area of the game on a daily basis;
    • Create edge case test scenarios and assess potential knock-on issues;
    • Organise and review testing by other in-house and/or outsoured testers;
    • Occasional support for the Content Team on testing Live Operations events and dynamic changes in a live game environment;
    • Environments, furniture and clothing items from an asset and functional POV.


    • At least one year experience in a QA position on either Mobile or Console;
    • Experience in Graphics & Hardware Testing and Benchmarking. Desirably on mobile devices;
    • Knowledge of Lua programming language;
    • Experience in Performance Testing such as identifying and differentiating between GPU and CPU bottlenecks;
    • Previous experience working in the games industry;
    • Strong ability to work under pressure and to meet given deadlines;
    • Python experience;
    • Good communication skills and able to work as part of a team;
    • Interest and knowledge of mobile platforms (Amazon, Google Play, Apple);
    • Keen eye for detail;
    • Previous experience with black-box testing;
    • Previous experience with issue tracking databases (JIRA, Hansoft, DevTrack, Mantis etc.);
    • Good troubleshooting skills.


    • Previous Quality Assurance experience with Freemium mobile games;
    • Previous Quality Assurance experience in testing social mobile games;
    • Passionate and experienced social mobile games player;
    • Has the testing knowledge to provide constructive feedback to address challenges that come up within the project;
    • Experience with platform specific (Apple, Google Play, Amazon) Certification testing;
    • Experience with creating Test-Cases, Action Plans for testing and Checklists.

Competitive Salary

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Benefits of working here

  • Extremely competitive bonus scheme
  • Flexible working hours
  • Core hours attendance (10am-4pm)
  • Staff social outings
  • Pension or Gym membership available
  • Generous holiday allowance
  • Industry leading software including Unity, 3DS Max and Maya
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