At Lockwood, our vision is to bring people together through Avakin Life so they can play, share and socialise! Listed as one of Europe’s fastest growing tech companies by the FT for 2020 as well as winning numerous TIGA and other awards several years in a row, our journey’s only just begun. With great benefits including an employee share scheme and profit related quarterly bonus, we’re a great destination for those who want to work on cutting edge social experiences in an environment that fosters communication and creativity. We’re always looking for good people – so if you’re a great person and an amazing researcher we’d love to hear from you.

We are growing our internal team of researchers to build a game that resonates more and more with our players’ dreams and needs. We are looking for one Senior User Researcher that will be responsible for planning and delivering user-related research, and follow-up on the resulting insights with key stakeholders. You will be working very closely with Product managers, UX and Game Design to support their business/design/development decisions, and very transversely across the whole company and departments. Therefore, a very collaborative, communicative, wit and perceptive attitude is key. You will be the voice of our players, one of their ambassadors inside the company. You will be here to inspire and get everyone excited about our players: what drives them, how they behave, what they like/dislike, what they want and need and what do they dream about.


  • Comply with existing User Research Operations processes and workflow;
  • Plan and deliver research for different purposes or problems, autonomously;
  • Contribute to the company strategic goals, by providing impactful research;
  • Deliver meaningful insights using the right communication methods and deliverables (e.g. reports, user journeys, session recordings);
  • Promote user research sharing moments with the whole company and key stakeholders;
  • Keep up to date with research techniques, methods and tools;
  • Contribute to research innovation in games;
  • Gatekeeper of scientific method, avoiding biases all around.


    • Strong working experience as a researcher;
    • Experience with mobile apps/games design;
    • Experience working in agile teams and acquainted with product-oriented workflows;
    • Knowledge on how to plan, execute and report iterative research during design stage;
    • Strong skills for UR qualitative/quantitative methods and quick analysis strategies, and guerilla research;
    • Strong skills for qualitative data cleaning and processing, preparing it for quantitative research;
    • Strong collaborative approach;
    • Self-sufficient, problem-solving, creative, challenge embracing and adaptable mindset;

    Beneficial: Academic background in Design or UX or HCI. Academic background in psychology, ergonomics, cognitive sciences, social sciences, PX or marketing research.


Competitive Salary

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