Lockwood is looking for a Product Security Lead to drive security and fraud resilience throughout our game, AvakinLife. This role involves proactively working with engineers, product managers and stakeholders to continuously improve the security of Lockwood’s products, as well as hands on technical work including SAST and DAST testing, building systems to increase visibility into malicious behaviour, and integrating security tooling into the SDLC


  • Work closely with engineers and developers to identify technical and process improvements whilst identifying knowledge gaps
  • SIEM and game/behavioural data analysis to identify suspicious/fraudulent behaviour
  • Strong ability to deliver through others and support/mentor both within and outside the security team.
  • Writing and reviewing code in python and go.
  • Reviewing AWS infrastructure and advising and consulting on appropriate security controls
  • Basic system administration tasks, including managing machines on-premise and in the cloud over SS


    • Previous experience in writing, reviewing, or debugging software from a security viewpoint
    • Familiarity with SQL
    • Ability to use, extend or write ad-hoc data analysis/fraud detection tools
    • Strong technical and non-technical communication skills
    • Familiarity with common exploit vectors and practical experience of exploiting them in test scenarios
    • Familiarity with appropriate uses of encryption and knowledge of common libraries and standards (for example public key cryptography, JWTs, HTTPS/SSL)


    • Previous experience with Go (programming language)
    • Previous experience in gaming
    • Ideally senior level coder or above
    • Experience with reverse engineering tools or network capture tools

Competitive Salary

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