We are looking for an individual eager to support our Development teams by ensuring all implemented client and server-side changes to Avakin Life are functional and all risks are reported prior to release. This is a hybrid-working, manual testing role as part of a team based out of Nottingham.

You will help ensure exciting, functional content is delivered to an engaged, player base by working together with the Test Lead & QA Manager helping define strong test strategies whilst advocating QA practises.

Other responsibilities for the role will include maintaining terminology databases/glossaries for game content, creating Action Plans and writing Test-Cases as well as developing your understanding of software design, implementation and integration in order to drive quality.

You will work closely with the QA Lead, Feature Coordinator, Developers, and the Production team to verify that all areas of functionality are working upon release, investigate user complaints to find additional issues, and thoroughly report the outcome of all testing to stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities
  • Work with a host of different teams to eliminate issues before change list integration and to validate that features have reached the targeted quality levels.
  • Compile trackers and reports for regression, checklists, and coverage.
  • Proactively pick up testing requests from the development, and management teams.
  • Create in-depth action plans and summaries for testing requests from the development and management teams.
  • Analyse the information provided by the development, and management teams to identify risk areas.
  • Find and enter high-quality issues based on department standards and perform edge case scenario testing to ensure fixes have no knock-on effects.
  • Take ownership for the testing of new features from development to post-release including:
    • Act as first point of contact about the current state of the feature
    • Test-Case creation
    • Initiate conversations with development, and management team members involved in the specific area of the game
    • Create edge case test scenarios and assess potential knock-on issues
    • Test execution
    • Organise and review testing by other in-house and/or outsourced testers together with the Test Lead and Feature Coordinator
  • Create and update Testing Documentation such as Confluence Articles & Test-Cases for various game areas and SDK integrations such as:
    • Ads networks
    • Social Media & Platform Specific Integrations
    • Device Coverage
    • In-App Purchases
    • Smoke & Release Checks
  • Deal with user-impact, blocker, and high-risk issues by analysing, reporting, then escalating as appropriate.
  • Collaborate with Test Lead & Feature Coordinator to ensure adequate test coverage and improve existing procedures.
  • Work together with the other QA departments such as Automation, Certification, Tools etc to review, curate and report results.
  • Participate in various meetings to offer updates on QA progress and learn about progress of other teams involved in said meetings.
  • Partner up with Outsourced QA and support Outsourced QA in any questions or requirements they might have.
  • Occasional support for the Content team on testing:
    • Live Operations events and dynamic changes in a live game environment
    • Environments, furniture and clothing items from an asset and functional POV
  • Organise Functional QA coverage for breadth of testing & improve the process that drives our testing, together with the Test Lead & Feature Coordinator.



    • Experience in a manual QA testing position on a Mobile application.
    • Strong ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment and to meet given deadlines.
    • Strong knowledge of the Software Development Lifecycle.
    • Understanding of the Freemium business model.
    • Strong understanding of Quality Assurance testing including concepts, processes, and troubleshooting procedures.
    • Skilled at managing own workload.
    • Excellent written and verbal English skills.
    • Keen eye for detail.
    • Diligence.

    Desirable, but not essential skills:

    • Previous experience working in the Games industry.
    • Previous experience with Social games.
    • Previous experience with Console, Web, or Computer testing.
    • Interest and/or knowledge of mobile platforms inc. Google Play, and Apple.
    • Interest and/or knowledge of cryptography-based blockchain technologies.
    • Previous experience working on Freemium and/or Social mobile games.
    • Experience with directing a small team of testers.
    • Experience with leading a small team of testers

Competitive Salary

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