Tell me more about the team and what it's like to work for Lockwood.

We're an energetic team who spend time together outside of working hours. We're passionate about working on a live and successful game that is constantly growing and evolving.

Outside of work, we have quarterly staff socials to continuously bring staff together and promote strong team values.

There's a transparency within our business, where all our employees are given access to our business metrics, to monitor progress on revenue, installs, and retention.
In terms of location, we work in the creative quarter of Nottingham, close to the city centre's shops, pubs, and activities. Plus, our flexible working hours mean that our colleagues with families can adjust their hours to suit their work-life balance.

What kinds of tools do the art team at Lockwood use?

Some of our artists favourite tools, which they use day-to-day, are: 3D Studio Max, Substance Painter, Maya, Modo, Zbrush, Photoshop, Sketch, Topogun, After Effects, Principle, Pen & Paper, and more!

How do you choose a great candidate?

At Lockwood we look for talent and dedication. As a team we want to work with passionate people who inspire us to learn and grow together. If you are willing to work hard and share knowledge with the team, you're the perfect candidate.

It's also important to fit into the culture here at Lockwood. We're a fun and social bunch. We want to go out for lunches, crack jokes in the office, and have a good time while we work. To us, it's important not only to grow as developers but as people too - which makes it a really easy place to fit in and socialise.

What are the client developers using to create Avakin?

We work with the Unity3D team to create Avakin on Android, iOS and PC. We work with coding languages including C#, C++, LUA, Java, and Obj-C. Our client developers write code for Avakin using Visual Studio, Rider, and sometimes Xcode.

What does the backend infrastructure look like?

Our infrastructure is hosted on cloud giant, Amazon Web Services, and is spread across multiple redundant data centres to make sure the game keeps running in the event of server or network issues. We deploy most of our software using Docker which allows us to have fine grained control over scaling and resources. It processes over 78,000,000 requests per hour and over 53,000,000 chat messages per day. That's over 1.5 billion per month! This is backed by a mixture of high specification SQL and NoSQL databases to store and serve the rapidly growing number of users who play the game every day.

Our backend software is written in a mixture of languages including Go, Python, JavaScript/TypeScript and Java, and we're big fans of Jetbrains IDEs. We're constantly researching new cutting edge technologies to help us evolve the backend architecture. Every day is exciting!

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