Hello! Please tell us about yourself and your role at Lockwood Publishing?
I’m the Director of Player Support, taking care of customer support, player safety and moderation.

How did you find your start in the industry, and how did you arrive at your current position?
My first job was in London, in print and outdoor advertising. I just knew I wanted to work in a creative environment. I became interested in digital advertising as this space grew and a great role came up on Habbo Hotel, running their online advertising campaigns. I enjoyed helping out on the community and production side too, running live events, writing content, etc. When a UK Community Manager role came up at Lockwood Publishing, I went for it… and I never looked back!

What advice do you give young women getting into the gaming industry and what can they do to broaden their knowledge?
I’d advise anyone trying to get into the gaming industry to do your research (about the company and their games) and show your passion. Play the games! The gaming industry is extremely competitive. There are loads of benefits to working in a fun, creative industry, but it’s also demanding and fast paced. I look for people who stand out by being passionate and understanding the role.

Who has supported you the most throughout your career?
I’m lucky to have lots of supportive people in my life and have had many colleagues who have supported me along the way, but I’m going to say my Dad. He’s always encouraged me to be brave and challenge myself.