Our People

Lockwood Publishing calls on the talents of more than 200 dedicated and creative individuals to help build new worlds. We believe in championing talent and giving every team the support they need to produce award-winning work.

For more on Lockwood Publishing and just some of those that drive its success, click on the Q&As below. To join us, just hit the button.

What is your superpower?

Falling on my head during handstand inversions – works every single time

What does your role involve?

My role involves working with all departments, owning the strategical roadmap tailored by business goals and optimising the features once they are live.  

What first attracted you to LKWD?

Positivity and the good old British humour – could not stop laughing in my first call with them.

Has working at LKWD exceeded your expectations?

It has exceeded my expectations on professional and personal levels. Working within a large organisation where everybody tries their best to contribute and enjoy the experience helped overcoming the lockdown fatigue and mental challenges.

How did you find joining LKWD during a global pandemic?

Spending so much time with people I have not seen in real life yet is an interesting feeling.

How were you supported during your onboarding?

Fully supported – I work remotely from Germany and it couldn’t have been smoother. The paperwork, receiving the equipment and then the support from team members from all different departments all went great!

What are you most looking forward to when lockdown ends?

DANCING! Can’t wait for Sunday afternoon raves.

What is your superpower

I used to be able to play guitar and keyboard at the same time.

What does your role involve?

My role involves planning our upcoming themes, events and content with the content leadership team and following up on their execution. As well as helping cycle our existing 32,000+ items. I also help shape our upcoming features as part of the portfolio team.

What first attracted you to LKWD?

I had worked with some LKWD staff previously. Super exciting project with so much to learn about in areas that extended my existing working knowledge.  

Has working at LKWD exceeded your expectations? 

Regularly seeing the game and company grow has been great. Seeing millions of people around the world playing what you have made is crazy.

What was your first role at LKWD?

Client Programer when we were a team of 20 odd people, way back in 2015.

How did you reach your current role?

I moved onto Feature Lead which covered helping with design as well as implementation of any features going into the client and monitoring the metrics once those features were live, specialising on our monetisation side. After that I moved on to help lead and build out our LiveOps team, looking after our NPC events, monetisation design, in-game marketing and feature balancing. We progressed from a team of 2 to 10 people. As LiveOps covers so much of the user-facing aspects of Avakin, I then moved on to my current role to help shape how we deliver and run all our content in the game.

How did LKWD support your career journey?

LKWD helped me evolve through my various roles. I’ve been very grateful to attend various events at Facebook, PocketGamer and GDC. Which has let me get a great insight into the latest trends in the mobile industry as well as a great way to meet and connect with our people in our industry.