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The team here at Lockwood just wanted to take the opportunity to update our Avakin community on what’s happening here and the steps we’re taking to keep our team and users safe amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

But first, we want to say, above everything else, keep safe, keep healthy and keep happy.

There’s a big team involved in making Avakin Life the virtual community we’ve all come to know and love, and it’s our top priority to make sure we’re looking after every single member that’s working hard behind the scenes. That’s why we’ll all be working remotely in the coming weeks.

It might mean a few changes to our planned in-game updates schedule, but anything you need to be aware of, we’ll let you know on the Avakin Life social media channels. So there’s no need to worry! We might have changed our environment, but you can still love, enjoy and be supported in the Avakin Life world.

None of us know how long these measures will be in place for. What we do know is that our Avakin Life community is driven to do good in the world. So, to celebrate that and bring together the burgeoning and global community we’ve built, we’ll be keeping you posted on the very exciting events we’ve got coming up to keep you entertained.

So, what can you do for now? Just like our team will always be here for you, we ask that you all continue to show each other the kindness that’s become such a big part of Avakin Life. But do make sure you’re checking in on yourself and your loved ones and taking that Avakin Life spirit outside of the game too.

We’re here to make sure you’ve always got the Avakin Life community by your side. Stay safe and maybe see you around at 23rd Street Cafe or Club Sundown!

The Lockwood team